At, we provide a range of programming and development services targeted at the FOREX market and the Metatrader platform. We can assist you in the following projects:

EA Programming: 

An EA, or Expert Advisor is a plugin that runs on Metatrader and executes live trading operations on behalf of the user. This is the perfect solution for users who wish to fully automate their trading activities. We have the expertise necessary to take most trading algorithms, and turn them into successful automated Expert Advisors.

Indicator Programming:

An Indicator is a plugin that runs on Metatrader. However instead of executing live trading operations on behalf of the user as in an EA, it simply displays graphical or audible notifications on a MT4 chart. This is the perfect solution for users who are not comfortable letting a script place trading orders automatically for them, but still want the trading assistance and notifications that an indicator can provide. We have a lot of experience developing various indicators on the MT4 AND MT5 platform, and we can assist in whatever indicator development projects you may have.

Script / Library Programming:

In addition to Expert Advisors and Indicators, we can also write various scripts, or object libraries in the MQL4/MQL5 scripting language which are intended to be ran and and perform various operations in Metatrader.

Third party trading tools:

Certain trading algorithms require the use of an external tool for the trading signals, or to serve as an additional layer between the Metatrader platform, and the Forex broker. We have programmers skilled in various programming languages, such as java and c++, who have an expertise in algorithmic trading, and can assist you in your development projects.

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